SB 314 – PDMP would harm, not help, patient care

Dear Distinguished Members of the Missouri Legislature:

We write today in opposition to SB 314, a bill to facilitate the monitoring of Schedule II, III, and IV prescriptions written by Missouri physicians for their patients.  As physicians, we take an oath to “first do no harm” which is why we are speaking out against this legislation today.

Those supporting this bill no doubt hope to lessen the misuse of certain medications.  This is a worthy goal; however, interfering with the patient-physician relationship with more rules and regulations is the wrong solution.  SB 314 will not only fail to solve the problem but will cause additional damage.

Red tape and bureaucratic mandates, proliferating on a national and state level, are harming patient care. Inserting additional bureaucracy between patients and physicians, as is done by SB 314, will inevitably lead to loss of access to vital medical care for Missouri’s pain patients.

Pain patients across the country are encountering increasing challenges in finding appropriate care as physicians incorrectly take the blame for misuse of certain medications. These patients and their physicians require the freedom to make decisions about appropriate care without second guessing by the State of Missouri.

In addition, SB 314 is not evidence-based policy. Data from other states demonstrate no improvement in misuse/misdirection of controlled substances or a decrease in deaths as a result of implementation of similar provisions.

If PDMP laws work one would expect Missouri to be number one in the nation in misuse of scheduled medications and related-deaths. Instead we fall in the middle.  These laws simply fail to achieve their stated goals.

Finally, PDMP laws are a blatant violation of Article I Section 15 of the Missouri Constitution. SB 314 violates patient security and privacy and therefore causes harm.

“First Do No Harm” should be the motto of all those who write these prescriptions for patients in the first place. To be true patient advocates, we must discourage the support of data collection on our patients in any form regardless of the best of intentions and especially when doing so will degrade patient care.


Missouri Chapter, AAPS
Jennifer Powell MD FAAFP, President of the Missouri Chapter

Missouri AAPS Chapter meeting minutes from 02-11-17

The MO AAPS chapter meeting was held on 02-11-17 at 44 Stone Public House in Columbia, MO. The meeting was called to order by President, Dr Jenny Powell at 12:01 P.M. Guests were welcomed.

Minutes were read by secretary, Dr Nancy Russell; motion to approve by Dr Phil Dean, seconded by Dr Helen Gelhot and approved by majority vote.

Legislative report by Wes Powell, Citizen representative for AAPS MO Chapter

Anti-MOC- a public hearing was held this past week in the MO House of Representatives. Representative Dr Frederick stated this bill had been passed last year and additions to make it more stringent were presented and a hearing is to follow. Additions to the current bill are to have MOC-maintenance of board certification not be used as a requirement for hospital privileges or insurance company panels. The bill originally was passed to not allow MOC to be necessary for MO licensure.

Prescription drug monitoring bill was in the House of Representatives this past week. Wes Powell and 3 others testified against this bill and 40 persons spoke for the bill. MSMA and AAFP representatives spoke in favor of the bill. Opponents to this bill cited that it is against the law to gather data on patients without a subpoena. is a website that shows that drug monitoring does not help with drug abuse problems. Missouri ranks in the middle of drug abuse cases. Unintended consequences presented by Wes Powell included physicians dropping out of pain management.

House Joint Bill for Amendment HJR-18 is a bill to grant personhood to fetuses; life begins at conception. If passed, discussion regarding tubal pregnancy, miscarriage, in-vitro fertilization, etc could have some unintended consequences. If passed through both the state senate and house and signed by the Governor would still go to the people for a vote.

Simon’s Law has not been assigned to committee but could be brought up as a MSMA resolution. This bill would give parental rights to newborns in the NICU situation.

Old Business

If you have an issue you would like to bring to the State Legislature, contact Wes Powell at

New Business

Andrew Schafly, our AAPS general counsel’s work now is focused on the Supreme Court nominee.

Rand Paul, M.D., Senator and AAPS member has a repeal and replace bill established for the ACA; the affordable health care act or Obamacare.

Treasurers report: Dr Todd Rice

There are no dues to be a member of the Missouri Chapter of AAPS.

Secretary report: Dr Nancy Russell

New member emails and email requests have been updated to the Missouri Chapter email list.

VP report: Dr Phil Dean

TEN healthcare lab in St Louis does an extensive and accurate urine drug screen at a reasonable cash price. Dr. Dean has used this lab and is very confident in their results and does a screening and ongoing testing for all patients in his practice on controlled pharmaceuticals. A representative from the lab explained the ease of sending the test kits and a 24-48 hour turn around time on results.

Gene Trait labs in Columbia, Missouri gave a presentation regarding their testing on pharmacogenetics and how genetic testing can be helpful in determining and assessing what drug categories would be best for a patient based on DNA results. It is most helpful with narcotics, anti hypertensive, diabetic and ADHD medications. A full report is kept on file and sent to the physician to assist with medication management. Their website is updated regularly as new drugs come on the market and the patient’s report can be updated if their medications change.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Thrive, Not Survive meeting in Hebron, KY on June 9th, 2017 from 1-9 PM.
  • Annual AAPS meeting in Tucson, AZ, October 5-7th, 2017.
  • MO Chapter AAPS meeting in Independence, MO on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 at the Hereford House, 19721 E. Jackson Drive at 12:00 P.M.
  • MO Chapter AAPS meeting in Springfield, MO on July 15th, 2017.

Meeting was adjourned by President, Dr Jenny Powell at 2:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Nancy Russell, M.D., AAPS MO Chapter Secretary

Save the Dates: April 22 and July 15, 2017

Save the dates for these 2 upcoming meetings of YOUR Missouri Chapter of AAPS:

Saturday, April 22 meeting in KC will feature a guest speaker from AtlasMD, the EMR company of AAPS’ Dr Josh Umbehr.  His brother, Kirk, will speak on behalf of the company and DPC. Reminder that Nancy will schedule the meeting at Hereford House in Independence, MO; meet and greet at noon, meeting to begin at 12:30.

Dr. Bill Graham, who arranged our last Springfield meeting, will again reserve the meeting room at the Vandervoort Hotel in Springfield MO for the July 15 meeting, meet and greet at 11:30 and meeting to begin at noon.  He will be inviting his state representative to speak, and also Dr. David Barbe, a family physician from the Mountain Grove/West Plains/Mountain View/Birch Tree area, who is also the current AMA President.

February 11, 2017 – Quarterly Meeting

Don’t miss out on the first Missouri Chapter meeting of 2017!

Details copied below. Hope to see you there!

TIME: Meeting starting at 12:00 PM noon on Saturday, February 11, 2017 (meet and greet starting at 11:30am).

LOCATION: 44 Stone (in Cellar Room) 3910 Peachtree Drive, Columbia MO  65203, Phone: 573-443-2726.  Click here for map.

ENJOY: Meal provided by AAPS. Update on AAPS political actions and news and the fellowship of your colleagues!

RSVP: email
Our guest speaker will be Tim McCarty from Gene Traits Laboratories.  The lab is located in Columbia, Missouri and has performed genetic testing for over 20 years. This lab can take a saliva sample from a patient and identify their pharmacogenetics. This helps identify medications that are compatible with the patient’s genetic make-up as well as those that are not. The testing can be very helpful for cardiovascular, mental health, pain management, etc. medical treatment.

July 16, 2016 – Quarterly Chapter Meeting

Please bring your appetite and your interest in state policies!!

TIME: Meeting starting at 12:30 PM (meet and greet starting at 12 NOON).
Note: Restaurant does not open until noon.

LOCATION: Hereford House, 19721 East Jackson Drive, Independence, MO. North of I-70 between Blue Springs & Independence Center, take Little Blue Parkway Exit to the north. It is just east of Hilton Garden Inn motel.

ENJOY: Meal provided by AAPS. Update on AAPS political actions and news and the fellowship of your colleagues!

RSVP: email

AAPS MO Chapter Supports Simon’s Law

A DNR order can be placed in a child’s medical record without parental consent.

Simon’s Law is designed to address this injustice. Missouri House Bill 1915 was named after Simon Crosier, who died in a St. Louis hospital at age three months and whose parents were horrified to learn—only after his death—that a DNR had been secretly placed in his medical chart.

Bill Text:

Additional Background: click here

A rally will be held on April 19 at 6pm in Rolla.  Click here for details.

AAPS is asking legislators to support HB 1915: click here to read our letter.

Whether you can attend or not, please contact your Missouri legislators to educate them about this bill.

If you don’t know your legislators’ names please visit:

House member contact info: (click on name for email address).

Senate contact info:

MO Chapter Spring Meeting!

Saturday, April 23, 2016 at 12:00 Noon

Please plan on joining us for our Missouri Chapter quarterly meeting on Saturday, April 23, meeting starting at noon (meet and greet starting at 11:30) at Sophia’s, 3915 S. Providence Road, Columbia MO. Elections for officers will be held, and we will receive an update on Missouri state legislation.

Hope to see you there!

Directions: from St.Louis area – I-70 W to Grindstone Parkway in Columbia, take the Grindstone Pkwy/New Haven Rd form US 63 South, Grindstone Pkwy to South Providence Rd; from Kansas City area – I-70 E, take exit 124 to MO 740/Stadium Blvd, follow N. Stadium Blvd to South Providence Rd; from Jefferson City – US 63 North to Columbia, take the New Haven Road exit, continue on Grindstone Pkwy to South Providence Rd.

January Meeting Minutes and Officer Nominations for April 23

Please find below a copy of the meeting minutes from the Missouri Chapter of the AAPS meeting from Saturday, January 23, 2016.  You’ll note that the floor was opened at that meeting for nominations of officers, which will remain open until the April 23 meeting in Columbia, MO (meeting place to be determined).

Email nominations are welcomed and requested. I made the offer of a slate of nominations at the January meeting, which I have changed and updated via email, and none of the nominees have declined.  My slate stands as follows:

President, Jenny Powell (present Secretary)
Vice President, Phil Dean (present Vice President)
Secretary, Nancy Russell
Treasurer, Todd Rice (present Treasurer)
Director (Immediate Past President), Helen Gelhot (present President)

A complete slate may be nominated, or nominations for any of the above five offices may be made from our membership (be a member of the AAPS and a Missourian). Please send these to Secretary Jenny Powell MD at

UPDATE: Our citizen lobbyist, Wes Powell, has been to Jefferson City once or twice weekly for the last 3 or 4 weeks. He has attended hearings and witnessed on our behalf. Please keep your finger on the pulse of several bills which will be impacting YOUR practice! There are a handful of bills which extend the scope of practice for APRNs, there anti-MOC/MOL bills, and the push for the PDMP is again the topic of several bills. Wes wants to hear from you, so let him know what is important to YOU and your practice!  See his contact information in the meeting minutes below.

Thank you!
~Jenny Powell MD

MO Chapter AAPS meeting

January 23, 2016
The Missouri Chapter of the AAPS met on Saturday, 1/23/16, at The Order restaurant in the Hotel Vandivort, Springfield, MO.  There were 9 in attendance, and one attendee via GoToMeeting. President Helen Gelhot MD opened the meeting at 12:00 pm with a prayer.
Helen provided an overview of legislation in the Missouri Congress and resolutions in the Missouri State Medical Association (MSMA) in 2015 which the MO AAPS Chapter pursued, including anti-MOC/MOL, DPC practice legislation, and anti-Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. She touched briefly on upcoming legislation in the Missouri Congress.  She turned the meeting over to Wes Powell, spouse member of the AAPS, who is serving as our citizen lobbyist in Jefferson City.  Wes went thru a few of the pre-filed bills, and discussed hearing protocol.  He also then shared his contact information and encouraged those present to contact him regarding their desires on different bills as there are far too many bills for him to be relaying to the members without a group forum. His email address is:  and his cell phone number is (417)322-3383.
President Helen then discussed AAPS, and what membership in the organization provides, encouraging all present to join if they have not already done so.
Upcoming dates:

  • AAPS Regional Meeting and “Thrive Not Just Survive” workshop Friday Jan 29 and 30 in Orlando FL; Secretary Jenny Powell will be giving a presentation at this workshop which helps physicians of all specialties to transition to cash-pay practices.
  • Next MO Chapter AAPS meeting – Saturday, April 23, in Columbia MO, noon.  We will hold election of officers. Location of meeting to be announced.
  • May or June AAPS Regional meeting, location TBA
  • Sept 22-24, AAPS Annual Meeting in Oklahoma City, OK.

The floor was opened for nomination of officers. Secretary Jenny Powell nominated a slate of officers: Todd Rice, President; Nancy Russell, Vice President; Phil Dean, Treasurer; Jenny Powell, Secretary; Helen Gelhot as Immediate Past- President Director.  Todd declined the nomination. Todd Rice nominated Jenny Powell as President and Todd Rice as Treasurer.
Nominations shall remain open until the April meeting.
As there was no further business, President Helen Gelhot closed the meeting at 1:07 pm. We enjoyed fellowship together afterwards.

~submitted by Jenny Powell MD, Secretary

January 23: AAPS Missouri Chapter Meeting!

The Missouri Chapter of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons will meet Saturday, January 23, 2016, at the Hotel Vandivort in Springfield,Missouri, at noon.  Appetizers will be provided.

Among the agenda items for this meeting will be the meeting schedule for 2016 and preparing for officer elections at the Spring meeting.

RSVP to Jenny Powell, Secretary MO AAPS, or (573)933-0872
OR to Jeremy Snavely of AAPS National

Hope to see you there!

Hotel Vandivort
305 E. Walnut Street
Springfield MO  65806

Three Important Missouri Events You Won’t Want to Miss!

Dear Missouri AAPS Members and Friends: There is an exciting lineup of events surrounding our 72nd Annual Meeting taking place in St. Louis. Please take a look and consider attending any or all of them:

1) Wednesday Evening Sept. 30. The Saint Louis Metropolitan Medical Society’s Annual Hippocrates Lecture will feature AAPS Director Paul Kempen, MD, PhD giving another powerful talk on what’s new in the battle to stop MOC. Social hour at 6pm, dinner at 7pm. The event is free for SLMMS members and $40 for spouses, guests, and non-members.  RSVP required to SLMMS at 314-989-1014. CLICK here for the event address and other details.

2) Oct. 1-3. The 72nd Annual Meeting of AAPS will be held at the Hilton Frontenac St. Louis! The agenda is packed with a full slate of top speakers on issues that impact physicians and their patients.  Remarks from Senator Ted Cruz will kick off the event and we’re honored that SLMMS President Michael Stadnyk, MD will participate in our Friday banquet.  Can’t attend the entire meeting?  Partial registration options are available. See for additional information.

3) Sunday Afternoon Oct. 4.  A first-of-its-kind debate between two physician organizations on polar opposite sides of the healthcare debate. Is a single payer system the answer for American medicine? The Physicians for A National Health Program (PNHP) will argue it is while AAPS will counter with facts in favor of true free market solutions. The debate will run from 2pm to 3:30pm in the Frontenac Room at the Hilton Frontenac St. Louis.  CLICK here for details and for RSVP info.

Questions?  Email or call AAPS Business Manager Jeremy Snavely at 520-270-0761