AAPS MO Chapter meeting minutes from July 15th, 2017

The Missouri Chapter meeting of the AAPS was held in Springfield, MO at the Hotel Vandivort. The meeting was called to order by President, Dr Jenny Powell at 12:00 noon. Dr Powell welcomed our guests and gave an overview of AAPS mission, values and how physicians can benefit from being members.
Physician guests included Dr Bill Graham, Dr Luke Van Kirk, Dr John Lilly, Dr Jim Blaine, Dr Matt Green and Dr Shelby Smith. Other guests included Representative Steve Helms, Gloria Bledsoe, Christopher White, and Ashley White.
Members present included: Dr Jenny Powell, Dr Phil Dean, Dr Todd Rice, Dr Bruce Schafly  and Dr Nancy Russell as well as lay members, Wes Powell and Tommy Newhouse.
Minutes from the April meeting were read by secretary Russell, motion to accept the minutes as read was by Dr Phil Dean and seconded by Dr Todd Rice. Minutes were approved as read.
Vice President report by Dr Phil Dean reported on an article in “Pain Medicine News” entitled, “When Pain Management becomes a criminal offense” and educated us on the highlights of this article and it was encouraged that all physicians prescribing pain medications read this article.
Treasurer’s report by Dr Todd Rice; no dues are collected by this chapter and AAPS provides the meeting room and meals for all that attend.
Secretary’s report by Dr Nancy Russell asked each attendee to sign the attendance list and circle their email if they would like to receive the national AAPS newsletter.
Citizen Advocate report by Wes Powell reported that our guest, Dr John Lilly was supportive to AAPS at the State level and we appreciate his efforts. Advocates for AAPS bills can be our voice in Jeff City.  Wes Powell has been volunteering and leading our voice on several bills at the State level for several years. Please contact Wes or Dr Jenny Powell if you are interested in initiating a bill at the state level.
Old Business:
Anonymous complaints about physicians are now being investigated by the Missouri State Board of Healing Arts which was not done in years past. Diane Franklin, State Representative in Dr Jenny Powell’s district has agreed to put forth a bill to disallow the Missouri State board investigation of these complaints. This would not oppose confidential complaints. Contact your local state representative in support of this potential bill.
Dr Powell also informed us that MPM-PPIA malpractice carrier does cover state board complaints and gives discounts to direct pay physicians.
New Business: None
Guest Speaker
Dr Bill Graham of Springfield, MO introduced guest speaker, Missouri State Representative from the 135th district, Steve Helms. Mr. Helms is Vice Chair of the professional registration committee. He spoke in favor of direct primary care and preserving the physician/patient relationship.  HIs goal is to initiate a work group to bring several bills to Missouri to make laws in favor of State government control instead of Federal government control is several areas. For example, medical insurance is still state regulated but federal government places penalties and incentives.
Our next speaker, Dr John Lilly was introduced by Dr Jenny Powell. Dr Lilly presented an impressive powerpoint presentation regarding the prescription drug monitoring program bill that is going forward to be passed in the State of Missouri. He presented statistics from all 50 states showing numbers and graphs over several decades of how this program has not decreased prescription drug induced deaths in the last decade. In fact, in most states the death rates have gone up steadily in spite of the time the law was initiated. Our MO chapter of AAPS has spoken out against this bill for privacy reasons as well as the reasons mentioned above, however they were more organizations speaking in favor of the bill and could be passed soon.
Upcoming Dates: 
Annual AAPS meeting in Tucson, AR October 5-7, 2017
Missouri AAPS Chapter meeting in St Louis on November 4th, 2017 at J. Gilbert’s restaurant starting at 11:30 am.
Meeting was adjourned at 2:05 PM by Dr Jenny Powell

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