July 10 & 12, 2014: Important Events

MO AAPS Physicians address problem and identify Immediate Action required

PROBLEM: Missouri physicians are having ever increasing difficulty surviving and thriving as physicians. Most physicians are at the mercy of employers with approximately one third of physicians now in private practice.

CONCEPT: It is time to learn to PUSH two bills in Jeff City for our OWN sake. It is crunch time. Surprisingly, Self Governance training is the most important training I and other physicians have discovered since residency. NO ONE ELSE WILL SEE THIS THROUGH THE MO STATEHOUSE EXCEPT US, with the help of Center for Self Governance (CSG) people of Missouri. They have the experience and inside information. CSG’s only agenda is to train people to realize and exert their civic authority. CSG has trained people, including fellow physicians in approximately 24 states and are requested to train in 11 more.

There are now two pieces of key legislation for MO physicians. Links to prototypes of both of these bills are below.

The Patient Access Expansion Act is approved by MO CSG and the Physician Volunteer Act is being discussed.

The first piece of legislation needed for MO physicians is the Patient Access Bill which passed the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and at our MO AAPS chapter in May. If passed in our MO Statehouse, it frees-up physician time to see patients rather than be on a treadmill of recertification (MOC/MOL)!!! If we do not get this bill passed even those of us “grandfathered” in will be mandated to comply with MOC (Maintenance of Certification and MOL (Maintenance of Licensure)! This is the published plan of the ABMS.

The second piece needed, gives physicians immunity from malpractice providing they volunteer approximately four hours weekly to charity care. We can get this bill passed as well. It is already in the NJ, PA and VA statehouses as a bipartisan bill.

Physicians are starting to work on these types of bills in different states, including Arizona. It would behoove MO physicians to use the tools provided by CSG to implement the changes we need to survive and thrive in practice.

IMMEDIATE ACTION: CSG is flying in its founder Mark Herr this week to help us. He is a highly prized national speaker and trainer and expert on Self Governance. He will train us in Self governance, enabling us to DRIVE LEGISLATION WHICH WE PHYSICIANS NEED AND DESERVE.

Please join us in learning HOW to PUSH this bill. We will do this through Self Governance Training in St. Louis (western suburbs) on July 12, 2014 at 10am. CLICK HERE to register. Also be sure to watch the 57second video clip on the home page. 

THERE IS A ONE HOUR TRAINING PREVIEW ON JULY 10th at the same location in Ellisville, MO. Click here for details about the preview.

For a printable flyer about the July 10 and July 12 event CLICK HERE.

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