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Save the Dates: April 22 and July 15, 2017

Save the dates for these 2 upcoming meetings of YOUR Missouri Chapter of AAPS:

Saturday, April 22 meeting in KC will feature a guest speaker from AtlasMD, the EMR company of AAPS’ Dr Josh Umbehr.  His brother, Kirk, will speak on behalf of the company and DPC. Reminder that Nancy will schedule the meeting at Hereford House in Independence, MO; meet and greet at noon, meeting to begin at 12:30.

Dr. Bill Graham, who arranged our last Springfield meeting, will again reserve the meeting room at the Vandervoort Hotel in Springfield MO for the July 15 meeting, meet and greet at 11:30 and meeting to begin at noon.  He will be inviting his state representative to speak, and also Dr. David Barbe, a family physician from the Mountain Grove/West Plains/Mountain View/Birch Tree area, who is also the current AMA President.

February 11, 2017 – Quarterly Meeting

Don’t miss out on the first Missouri Chapter meeting of 2017!

Details copied below. Hope to see you there!

TIME: Meeting starting at 12:00 PM noon on Saturday, February 11, 2017 (meet and greet starting at 11:30am).

LOCATION: 44 Stone (in Cellar Room) 3910 Peachtree Drive, Columbia MO  65203, Phone: 573-443-2726.  Click here for map.

ENJOY: Meal provided by AAPS. Update on AAPS political actions and news and the fellowship of your colleagues!

RSVP: email
Our guest speaker will be Tim McCarty from Gene Traits Laboratories.  The lab is located in Columbia, Missouri and has performed genetic testing for over 20 years. This lab can take a saliva sample from a patient and identify their pharmacogenetics. This helps identify medications that are compatible with the patient’s genetic make-up as well as those that are not. The testing can be very helpful for cardiovascular, mental health, pain management, etc. medical treatment.