Missouri AAPS Chapter Minutes from 4-22-2017

AAPS Missouri Chapter meeting minutes

Meeting was called to order at 12:35pm on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 by President, Dr Jenny Powell. The meeting was held at The Hereford House in Independence, MO. Minutes were read by myself, Secretary, Dr Nancy Russell. Motion to approve was made by Dr Phil Dean and seconded by Dr Helen Gelhot. Minutes were approved.

Vice President, Dr Phil Dean introduced his 2 guests; Lisa Rose, LPC and Cindy Hubbard, BS. Dr Jenny Powell encouraged all guests to join AAPS and donate to the legal fund to promote Andrew Schafly’s work and the AAPS council.

Secretary, Dr Nancy Russell asked if everyone received the email for this meeting. Dr Jim Dennighoff, M.D. states his email needs to be added to the list and will be done. Dr Russell reminded members that they can gift a one year membership to any physician by contacting the national office. If anyone does not have their name on the National AAPS email list, please contact Dr Russell at nancy@nancyrussellmd.com and your name will be added.

Old Business

Gene Trait lab that performs pharmacogenetics for physicians has been very helpful for Dr Phil Dean. Dr Dean reminded us that it is helpful to know the patient’s status of the MTHFR gene if the patient has heart disease, blood clots or history of miscarriages as they may need high dose methylfolate. This testing may also help with third party reimbursement for a certain drug category based on the patients pharmacogenetics.

New Business

Dr Powell reminded us that AAPS legal counsel is available to members if they are in need of assistance with a State Board of Healing Arts complaint. If a member is asked to be interviewed by the State Board for a complaint against them, Andrew Schafly, Attorney, states to record the conversation with their permission and ask how they received the complaint. If there is a subpeona for medical records. comply with this request and inform the board representative that the patient will be informed. In 2015, the Texas State board of Healing Arts ruled that an anonymous complaint cannot be accepted  for consideration, It was discussed to introduce a state bill in Missouri regarding anonymous complaints.

State Legislative Update

Wes Powell, Citizen representative for Missouri Chapter of AAPS gave the report.

Anti-MOC with Dr Frederick went to a public committee hearing on February 8th, 2017. It is presently sitting in committee and may or may not be voted on. This bill is probably dead at this point but could be re-introduced next year.

The personhood amendment is at a stand still and may go away as Right to Life came out against it as they could lose donations.

HB 90 & 68 for Prescription Drug Monitoring passed through committee and passed the House. The Senate added 7 amendments and sent it to conference. The House then repealed it and now it goes back to the Senate to look at again in its original form. Our Missouri Chapter of the AAPS is opposed to this bill due to privacy issues and as it is against the Constitution to collect this information on patients.

The end of State sessions for voting on Bills is 5-12-17.

Our guest speaker was Kirk Umbehr of Atlas MD, a direct primary care medical office in Wichita, KS with 5 physicians that began its operation in 2010. There is an annual or monthly fee charged to patients that includes unlimited office visits with no co-pays and small fees for lab work and prescriptions. Atlas MD offers an EMR system that supports direct primary care practices for $300 per month with excellent security and a step above HIPPA requirements. Atlas MD consults with physicians to help them convert or start a medical practice based on this model and has assisted 250 physicians in this process.

Upcoming dates:

  1. Thrive, Not Just Survive, Hebron, KY Friday, June 9th, 2017.
  2. Missouri AAPS Chapter Meeting, Saturday, July 15th, 2017 at Vandervort Hotel, Springfield, MO around 12 noon. Dr Bill Graham will be attending and bringing guests.
  3. Annual AAPS conference, Tucson, AZ, October 5th to 9th, 2017.

The meeting was adjourned by Dr Jenny Powell.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted,

Dr Nancy Russell

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