November 22: Stop MOC

Will MOC be required to keep your license?

Is it already required by your hospital or insurance company?

Join us in St. Louis
On Nov. 22 to Learn How You Can
Fight Back!


Stopping MOC, MOL and medical practice interference by insurance/hospital CEOs, legislators, and other non-physicians! 

Keynote Speaker Paul Martin Kempen, MD, PhD has been a leader in exposing the American Board of Medical Specialties and Federation of State Medical Boards since he helped stop attempts in Ohio to require Maintenance of Certifcation (MOC) for licensure.

He uses the term “regulatory capture” (the use of laws to force compliance with corporate self-serving programs) to describe the successful lobbying of Congress creating the tax MOC will impose on non-participating physicians. Dr. Kempen is an anesthesiologist in private community practice after leaving decades of academic practice.His presentation on Nov. 22 will expose the regulatory capture that is being imposed on physicians to subjugate them under the powers of hospital/insurance executives as “cogs in the machine.”

Dr. Kempen will outline what physicians can and must do to regain control.

2015 is THE year for every state medical organization to resist MOC and MOL!

When: Saturday, November 22, 2014, 1:30 pm to 4:00 pmWhere: BRAVO! Cucina Italiana 15 W County Center Dr, Des Peres, MO 63131,

Parking: Convenient front door valet or free adjacent garage

Cost: FREE (includes lunch)

RSVP:  CLICK HERE or call/text AAPS Business Manager Jeremy Snavely at 520-270-0761

Questions? Email or call AAPS Business Manager Jeremy Snavely at 520-270-0761.

Additional Resources:

Update on State-Based Advocacy in Opposition to MOC: http:/

Watch Dr. Kempen’s presentation from Sept. 2014 AAPS 71st Annual Meeting:

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